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Time for an update. I began this blog when I was living in Cusco Peru. It all started in 2007 when I spent a semester abroad there and found the love of my life, a Peruvian I'll refer to as Atreyhus. Atreyhus couldn't get a visa to come to the U.S., so I spent the next year between the U.S. and Peru as I finished up my BA in Creative Writing, and then moved to Peru in Jan. 2009 to be with Atreyhus. We were granted a fiance visa in May 2010 and are now in the U.S., happily married. This blog is a reflection of my time spent in Peru and the U.S., and includes some culturally relevant entries as well. Though Atreyhus and I are no longer living in Peru, I still have a great love for the country, and we'll definitely be returning there. Whether it'll be to visit or live, is up to the stars.

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