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Alpaca Farm in New Jersey

Well, I think it’s safe to say that for the past year or so my blog has been one neglected child. I guess once I left Cusco I had one thing on my mind. Getting that fiancé visa for Atreyhus and bringing him home to the U.S. And you know what? After a few months living in Callao with Atreyhus’s sisters in a teeny tiny house with no privacy and a brief stint teaching English to business professionals, I did just that. Looking back, I’m not sure why I was so anxious to leave Peru. Maybe it was because I knew I was there because I HAD to be there. We didn’t have a choice. I couldn’t hop on a plane with Atreyhus and bring him to stay with my parents and see my house. Even after my parents came to visit in April I still missed them. And a big part of me felt like Atreyhus had to come here to the U.S. and make sacrifices similar to the ones I made to go to Peru and live with him. Oh, and the fact that Atreyhus couldn’t find a job in Peru. In the U.S. he already had one lined up with my father.

We’ve been here in New Jersey for about six months. Time passes so quickly. Atreyhus is working with my Dad in construction and he loves it. He spends all day singing and joking around with the guys. The only down side is that now that’s it’s December, he’s experiencing cold weather like he’s never felt it before.

And as for me, well I’ve been conflicted as of late. I think the new-ness of being back in the U.S. has worn off. And despite all of my complaining when I was in Peru, I miss it. I miss it a lot. I miss the culture, I miss the crisp, clean air of Cusco, the feeling of the mountains surrounding me like giant, kind soldiers. I miss meeting new people. People are so friendly in Peru, even the foreigners. I miss feeling like I’m making a difference. When I taught English I was helping people advance their education, when I was working for the NGO ProPeru, I was helping people get clean water and clean air in their houses. Now I’m working at an office, performing menial tasks that use neither my intelligence nor my creativity. I miss the excitement in Peru. Whether in Lima or Cusco, there was always the chance for something unexpected to happen, whether it was meeting someone new, or finding a new café or bookstore I hadn’t stumbled upon before. And there were many more job opportunities, as I was an English- speaking gringa.

When I think about it, ever since 2007, I haven’t spent more than 4 months outside of Peru. I was always going back and forth between here and there while finishing my undergraduate. And then I spent a year there without going home. Maybe all’s I needed when I was in Peru was a good visit back to the U.S. to cure me of my homesickness. I still hold the dream of moving back to Peru in my heart, but I came to the U.S. for another reason, to get my law degree. I’m thinking human rights or something along those lines. I’m not sure where the degree will take me, but I hope it’ll take me back to Peru. It’ll be a tough 3 years, but at least I have Atreyhus at my side, and it’s going to take that long for him to get his U.S. citizenship, anyway, if not longer. We hope to go back to Peru for our belated honeymoon this summer. Until then, I get my fix of Peru any way I can, reading online newspapers, blogs, listening to Peruvian musicians, and spending time with my hubby.


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